This Company was established in 1949 with another denomination, it started out being called Compañía Española de Bruck, S.L. which is its current name since the 80´s.

In the 50´s we had our own briar pipe sawmills in Morrocco an algeria. Due to the unstable situation in Algeria, which everybody knows, we had to leave the Algerian sawmill in 1961 and we kept only the sawmill in Morocco until 1985.

In the present day, some sawmills in Morocco are operating for us, in a independent way, as well as some other sawmills of the Medierranean depp walley. This allows us to obtain the best quality briar for our Company, which manufactures exclusively wood bowls for making smoking pipes, for the top manufacturesrs of finished pipes in the world.

Our had crafted items have been recognized for the Guild of Craftsmen of Valencia, which has awarded prizes and has acknowledged as “Expert Artisans”